Iphone 6 Tips and Tricks Top 25

Iphone 6 Tips and Tricks

Learn how to use the iPhone 6 better with our favorite Iphone 6 Tips and Tricks. This guide will show you the best iPhone 6 features and a few secrets that you didn’t know the iPhone 6 could do. If you need your iphone fixed immediately, MobileR offers same-day repairs on many cellphones, learn more here. The iPhone 6 finally offers a bigger display that adds some new features and uses that will surprise new iPhone users. Apple delivers a lot of new iOS 8 and iOS 8.1 features that change the way you can use the iPhone 6.If you don’t want to spend a day reading the iPhone 6 manual, you can use our list of iPhone 6 tips and tricks to get the most out of your new Iphone 6 Tips and Tricks. Did you know that the Apple smartwatches have improved drastically since their first release? The smart features and the premium build of the device has always been one of the top reasons why the brand always on the top. You can read more about the features on SpotTheWatch.

To use these Iphone 6 Tips and Tricks, you will need a Mac with OS X Yosemite, but if you have a Windows PC just right there at your best gaming desk, you can still use most of these features with a free iCloud for Windows download. If you get tired, there are also ways to restore your energy with Omnidesk’s amazing anti fatigue mats. Get yours now! There aren’t many iPhone 6 hidden features and Iphone 6 Tips and Tricks, but there are a few that you’ll find very handy as you get to know your iPhone 6. You can use most of these Iphone 6 Tips and Tricks right out of the box. For a few of these you will need an iPhone 6 app or iPhone 6 accessories like an Apple TV, but most won’t require you to spend any money.

We recently purchased an iPhone and we thought we would share our thoughts with you, a brief iPhone review. We got the phone when it was on sale with a contract plan and on the first day of using it I noticed immediately that the screen size felt wrong for me – it was very hard to type on and I couldn’t do anything with the larger apps like twitter or Maps. We also bought an iPhone 3G and found out that the battery life wasn’t as long as we would have liked – it lasts a little over two hours, but we can easily turn it on for longer than that. To read more on Iphone features, please visit this amazing platform called Gadgetsfind.

Hidden feature and best Iphone 6 Tips and Tricks

1. Turn on HDR-  Iphone 6 Tips and Tricks

For casual photographers, there’s little reason not to use the HDR mode of the iPhone 5’s camera app. HDR stands for high dynamic range, and is a mode that melds two different exposures in a single photo to create the most detail-filled shot possible. The iPhone 5 automatically captures a non-HDR shot with each HDR one too. What’s the downside? HDR mode is significantly slower than standard shooting, to make time for the processing of the HDR shot.

2. Use the volume key as a shutter button-  Iphone 6 Tips and Tricks

Apple lets you use the iPhone 5’s “volume up” button to take photos, as well as the touchscreen. This button is in a near-perfect position to take on the role as a shutter button. This even works when using a three-button remote control, including Bluetooth headsets. So you can effectively use a wireless headset as a remote shutter control. How cool is that?

3. Get a quick look at the photo you just took-  Iphone 6 Tips and Tricks

For the first good old while using an iPhone 5, we always used to tap the Gallery shortcut at the bottom of the camera app’s screen to look at photos. However, it turns out this is completely unnecessary. Just swipe left-to-right from the camera preview screen and you’ll instantly be taken to the camera roll, which shows you your photos, starting with the most recently-taken one.

4. Have Fun With Siri–  Iphone 6 Tips and Tricks
If you add the address for people in your contact list and then ask Siri to take you to them, she will give you directions to their house. Telling Siri about your relations will cause her to ask to remember them. If you agree, she will remember. Then, whenever you ask her to name your relation, she will. e.g. Telling Siri that Rebecca is my sister will make her tell that Rebecca is your sister whenever you ask the question, “Who is my sister?” If you want to play on your phone, sites such as dadu online won’t disappoint,

5.Instant Scrolling–  Iphone 6 Tips and Tricks
If you have scrolled down a really long web page, then just tap the bar on the top of your screen to immediately be taken to the top of it.

6. Automatic Backup–  Iphone 6 Tips and Tricks
To automatically backup your iPhone on iCloud, go to Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup and turn on iCloud Backup. This will automatically backup your phone’s critical data without the need to synchronize it again and again.

7. Caps Lock–  Iphone 6 Tips and Tricks
To type in capital letters, just enable Caps Lock on your phone by double tapping the Shift arrow.

8. Extend Battery Life–  Iphone 6 Tips and Tricks
If you feel that your iPhone’s battery performance is below par, you can increase it by disabling 3G, Bluetooth and push notifications. Just go to Settings> General> Network to do this.

9. Use the Home Button–  Iphone 6 Tips and Tricks
Pressing the Home button once will take you to your Main Screen. Pressing it twice will take you to Spotlight Search which you can use to search everything on your phone.

10. Control what appears in Spotlight search–  Iphone 6 Tips and Tricks
To control what appears in Spotlight search, go to Settings> General> Spotlight Search and select according to your needs.

11. Block Inappropriate Content–  Iphone 6 Tips and Tricks
To do so, go to Settings> General> Restrictions and tap Enable Restrictions. This will allow you to add a pass code and select which apps you want to make accessible.

12. Download Apps and Music on all your iProducts–  Iphone 6 Tips and Tricks
If you have many Apple devices and don’t want to download the same apps or music on them again and again, you can enable automatic downloads for apps, music and iBooks by going to Settings> Store. This hold the same for the bulky games you download. But if you’re running low on space, then some less heavier games, like word games, should do you good. You can even get Word villas answers on the internet.

13. Send Read Receipts in iMessage–  Iphone 6 Tips and Tricks
You can let others know when you have read their text messages by enabling “Send Receipts” from Settings> Messages.

14. Close Programs Running in the Background–  Iphone 6 Tips and Tricks
Just double tap the Home Button, then hold your finger down on the app you would like to close. Then, once it starts shaking, tap the red minus icon to close. This will be of huge help if you find that your phone is running slowly.

15. How to add files to apps-  Iphone 6 Tips and Tricks

Many apps have their own stores of “associated” files. For example, a third-party video player might have a stash of videos, or an ebook reader a stash of ebooks. These are added to the apps as documents, sync’d over iTunes. You don’t add them to your iTunes library, though, but within the iTunes sync menu when your iPhone is plugged into your computer.

16. Third-party apps will stop you needing to transcode videos-  Iphone 6 Tips and Tricks

Some of the most useful third-party apps that use these documents are video players. The iPhone 5 can’t play many different video formats off-the-bat, but with a media player solution, the phone can play all sorts including MKVs, without needing to convert them to an iPhone-friendly type.

17. How to transcode videos to iPhone format-  Iphone 6 Tips and Tricks

If you want to watch downloaded videos using the native video player, you’ll most likely have to start transcoding files. Bits of software that can do this include, soda, handbrake and visual hub. However, transcoding is a laborious process, so we recommend downloading a decent third-party video player if you have a big library of downloaded videos.

18. Have custom ring tones for less money–  Iphone 6 Tips and Tricks
Your iPhone comes with many ringtones and message tones, but these are the same sounds that millions of other iPhone users are utilizing. If you want something unique, you may be tempted to shell out big bucks for custom ring tones. If you like to assign special ringtones to certain people or groups, this may cost you a lot. So, in order to get ringtones without breaking the bank (and taking away your app budget), you should look at applications that allow you to make ringtones out of songs you already have on your phone. Some of these cost money and should only be bought if you want to create a lot of ringtones. If you are only looking to turn out a couple of tones, you can even get a free version of these popular apps.

19. Block your number from other people’s caller ID–  Iphone 6 Tips and Tricks
Blocking your number can be helpful for any number of reasons. Maybe you don’t want an ex that you need to call to have your new number, or possibly you are using your personal number for business, but you don’t want professional contacts to have your personal digits. You can block your number easily from the “Settings” menu. There, you should go to the “phone” area and select the “Show My Caller ID” option; there you need to slide over to “no.” To switch it back on, follow the same steps and slide over to “yes.”

20. Increase security with a passcode-  Iphone 6 Tips and Tricks

The most basic security measure to make with an iPhone 5 is to add a passcode to the lock screen, making any users input a four-number code once the phone has become locked. To setup a password, you need to go to the General section of the Settings menu and select the Passcode Lock menu item. Here you can choose your four-number code and select how often you want the passcode to be required – from every time the phone goes into standby to once every four hours.

21. Turn off Roaming-  Iphone 6 Tips and Tricks

Although EU leglislation has limited how much carriers can charge for data while you’re abroad in Europe, you’ll still pay a pretty penny to check your emails. And don’t even think about trying to stream video. Head out of the EU and you’ll pay crazy rates to boot. You’re best off turning off roaming altogether, and relying on Wi-Fi while you’re abroad. You’ll find the Data Roaming switch down the bottom of the Settings > General > Mobile Data menu.

22. Find My iPhone-  Iphone 6 Tips and Tricks

Apple’s ultimate weapon against iPhone theft is Find My Phone. This is something you’re asked if you want to enable when you first start-up your iPhone. Should your iPhone be stolen, it allows you to track the device on a web browser using the iPhone 5’s GPS transmitter. It’s dead clever. Unlike many iPhone core features, it has a separate Fine My iPhone app, available from the App Store. You’ll need a MobileMe account to get it working, though.

23. Private browsing-  Iphone 6 Tips and Tricks

Like your desktop browser, the iPhone 5’s Safari browser can be set to Private Browsing mode, which won’t save any of the places you’ve visited for other people to check up on. You’ll find the Private Browsing switch in the Safari sub-menu within Settings.

24. How to save web images to the gallery-  Iphone 6 Tips and Tricks

Another neat half-hidden feature of the iPhone 5 Safari browser is that you can save images easily from within the browser. Just hold a finger down on an image until a menu pops-up. One of the options in the menu is “save image”, which will save the pic to your phone’s gallery.

25. Best free games-  Iphone 6 Tips and Tricks

There are thousands and thousands of free games on the App Store, and many of them are downright awful. Freebies worth checking out include Hill Climb Racing, Real Racing 3, the original Angry Birds, Tap Defense, JellyCar, Jetpack Joyride, TapTap Revenge Tour, Triple Town, Dropship and Drop7.

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