How to Request for Mobile Tower in Your Area – Earn Monthly Rental

How to Request for Mobile Tower in Your Area - Earn Monthly Rental

How to Apply for Mobile Tower Installation in India :

Friends if you have your own property/Home/Residential/Commercial/Agriculture land you can apply for mobile tower Installation anywhere from village or from a city in India. As lots of companies in India are spreading there market in mobile network field as India is one of the biggest mobile phone consumer in the world today hence there is lots of competition in view of services hence big companies like Vodafone, Airtel, Jio, Idea are spreading there mobile area network daily to provide good tower rent to their customers. 

How to Request for Mobile Tower in Your Area - Earn Monthly Rental

Who can apply for Mobile Tower Installation – Anyone who have a property by own or rent

Where can be applied for Mobile Tower – All Indian state (Any Village or City)

How much can be earn from Mobile Tower Installation – Up to 1 Lakh per month

How to Apply for Mobile tower Installation in India :

You can apply for mobile tower Installation for any companies like Jio mobile tower Installation in your area, Airtel mobile tower Installation, Vodafone mobile tower installation for any other place. Full details regarding mobile tower installation in India given below. Read all details carefully and please share this post with others to provide them an opportunity to earn some money and to be rich for them if you do not need this. For more ways to make money, check out investment apps uk.

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How Much space require for Mobile Tower Installation In India :

If you have your own space in any city or village of India than you can apply for mobile tower installation at your place and company will give you a fix rent each month. However, below are the space required if you wish to apply –

For City if you wish to install mobile tower at your roof than 500 square feet space will be required however if you wish to apply a mobile tower installation at a plot in your city than it require 2000 square feet (200 square yard)

For village 2500 square feet space is required for mobile tower installation

Terms and Conditions of Mobile Tower Installation :

There are some conditions of a mobile tower company to be installed the tower at your land. These conditions are given below :

A company cannot install mobile tower near Hospital and within 100 meter area from a Hospital

Company cannot install mobile tower if your surrounding do have any objections of installing it.

Documents Required for Mobile Installation ;

Structural Safety Certificate

NOC from Land owner or from building owner

NOC From Municipal Corporation

 Agreement with company of a period of time tower will be installed

Best Companies in India for Mobile Tower Installation :

Indus Tower   – Click Here to Apply

Bharti Infratel  – Click Here to Apply

ATC India (American Tower Corporation) – Click Here to Apply

Instructions to Apply for Mobile Tower Installation :

Visit to Official website of any of these copanies

Visit Contact center given on top of the webiste

Register yourself free of cost with company

Fill application form online given on website for mobile tower installation 

Required fields in the forms are ;

Land Owner Name

Contact Number/Email ID

Name of place/city/state where you wish to get mobile tower installation

Land type – Commercial/Residential

Fill all these details correctly and click submit application

You will receive a call/email from company soon with best offer available for you.

Note :

There are thousands of companies in India who are working in the field of mobile tower installation . However most of these companies are fraud and do not provide you money for tower installation or even can ask you for money before installation of tower. Do not entertain any such member and make a police report immediately if any such person contact you for tower installation . Do not given your hard earn money to anyone to whome you do not know.

Above given companies are genuine companies for mobile tower installation and any person from these companies would never ask you for any kind of money for this work as this is `100% free and all expenses are done by company only. Please make a written agreement with company before installing a tower and these companies itself offer you a agreement before installing it at your plot/land/roof.

Disclaimer – We do not take any guarantee of tower installation and do not take any responsibility of anything in this regard. Please proceed for this with your own risk only.



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  1. Dear sir/ madam. I have to coverage Airtel or idea networks so we went to installation of Airtel or idea tower in my area. My village- Bhokaskheda , post – Kawalgaon, ta-Deglur,dist-nanded , We have more land in my house and farm for a towers so plz provide us a Airtel or idea people are eating Airtel or idea networks. Cont- 7768082198. Name-pratap Biradar

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