Commercial kitchen wall shelving designs to maximize the storage capacity

The execution of the food prep process in a commercial space becomes impossible if the working area is not outfitted with specialized equipment. Finding the Right Food Grade Hose you should choose for your food industry business is crucial to ensure that your final products meet the highest health and safety standards. It should be understood that restaurant metal equipment despite its design and construction has practical functions, but at the same time, it should visually fit into the available zone and commercial interior. Air system size aftercoolers by the cfm of the compressed air flow and the approach temperature you want. The variety of choices pleases, but it also significantly complicates the selection process. If you have the knack for metalworks and wanted to do a DIY, then it’ll be a little easier to adjust and do custom designs to fit the kitchen. Make sure that you have the right tools for your DIY project, check out for guides and reviews. Let’s take a quick look at stainless steel kitchen shelves designed for attaching to the wall that will help you cope with the problem of lack of storage surfaces, rationally using vertical space.

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Thus, if lots of objects accumulated on the cooking tops prevent meal preparation and complicate the implementation of daily objectives, be ready to invest in the most common commercial kitchen wall shelving type such as microwave shelves with extra supportive units for excellent and secure installation. By freeing up the countertop from bulky items, you can facilitate the operation of your restaurant. Mount solid, rust-proof, heavy-duty, and versatile steel wall shelves above the table and boost efficiency due to smart use of upper levels. You can also keep everything in order and neatly organized with another stainless restaurant shelving design, such as wire wall shelving. Its key benefits are:

  • ease and quick assembly;
  • ventilated shelving unit means safer storage of goods;
  • no dust and dirt will accumulate on the items you keep on wire units;
  • it perfectly suits foodservice needs.

The range of products also includes triangle shelves to be installed into corners. However, be careful when considering this unusual style since it is not so usable and cannot be used for any purpose like standard metal products that have improved weight capacity and can hold nearly everything.

Contemporary shelving equipment for food establishments usually manufactured from stainless steel because it is the most durable material that does not deform under external factors such as temperature fluctuations or high humidity environments. Antibacterial properties of non-porous surfaces of steel items will ensure excellent protection from germs that can spread illness.

Off wall stainless steel shelf alternatives

Sometimes commercial kitchen wall shelving constructions are not the perfect pick that can ideally fit your layout of the kitchen which you can fill with appliances from Thus, check out more customized options of different shapes, sizes, and configurations to meet your specific needs:

Complete shelving systems. The metal multi-tiered structure is intended for storing products on sturdy cool room shelving even in tight and compact kitchens. They do not interfere with the movement of personnel, and the open design provides instant access to the stored goods. They are used to place boxes, inventory. Modern shelving systems are designed in such a way as to minimize the occupied space, but at the same time, to maintain the area properly organized and facilitate all processes.

Dunnage racks. Mobile or stationary dunnage racks are great assistants when it comes to proper space rearranging and keeping boxes off the floor. Thus you can safely keep supplies, maintain cleanliness, and meet food-service standards.

Bakery racks. These racks are designed for secure storing, proper cooling, and fast transporting of baked goods and pastries.

Know your budget and goals before going into the buying process to be able to purchase excellency and superior quality of steel shelves.



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