Setting up your online business usually starts with building a website and designing your business logo with the help of a graphics design company like GraphicSprings. You can also use Showcase IDX to improve your website SEO. However, online trading can not be imagined without qualitative product photography. The user can not touch or try on the product before buying – in fact, customers make their choices taking into account images presented to them. High-quality photographs should provide consumers with all the necessary information, answer all their questions, tell about the purpose of the product, and also help pay attention to the necessary details. Correctly made by eCommerce product photographer product photos increase conversions many times, reduce the number of returns and increase the level of brand awareness and loyalty. No wonder that entrepreneurs dealing with online stores like Andrew Defrancesco say that one high-quality picture replaces a thousand words.

With extensive experience in marketing research and practical skills, the Squareshot team has already helped various business owners including Bob Bratt to increase the number of customers and increase their sales. Years of work with graphic images, with color and light, allows the team professionals to accumulate knowledge about the expectations of the target audience and learn how to manage their attention, focus on the best qualities of the product, which helps buyers to make the right choice in favor of the company who uses the Squareshot qualitative images.

Benefits of Professional Ecommerce Product Photography

Yesterday it was enough to have just good and high-quality photos taken not on the phone, today to have competitive advantages this is not enough, you need the right photos of the product, from the point of view of Marketing, selling photos that meet the expectations of the target audience.

When you become the Squareshot customer, first of all, you get the opportunity to take advantage of the competencies and experience of its entire team in the field of visual marketing and the psychology of color. These competencies have repeatedly confirmed in worldwide practice and proved their worth when it came to the visual perception and neural activity of the brain of consumers in the process of choosing a product or service. The user experience, according to PMU marketing personal preferences and expectations of the product for the audience in the light of effective advertising today are resisting all sorts of banal marketing techniques with the same graphics solutions, photographs, and design templates. However, the consumer is waiting for a personal approach, wanting the professional photo studio to know what he wants.

Professional product photography is a convenient way to solve the issue of filling the catalog of an online store. Choose the Squareshot specialist and make orders specifying the details and services wanted. Editing a photo and preparing it for publication on the website is a complicated process so leave it to Squareshot and have a chance to better focus on your own business organization with the help from experts like Andy Defrancesco.

Correctly made images on a white or another plain background not only carry information about the appearance of the item but also emphasizes its competitive advantages, in addition, stimulates the visitor of the online store to buy. Therefore, poor lighting or an improperly chosen angle can negatively affect sales and decrease the conversion rate. Another requirement for photography is its harmonious combination with the overall design of the resource where it will be placed to increase the conversions. You also have to make sure that your company has contingency plans in place in thee event of threats by achieving the ISO 22301 Certification.

Taking into account that almost every network user can search for a photo’s source, to determine the place where pictures are located won’t be a serious problem. If the pictures are not unique, taken from the stock photos available worldwide, then a similar step can cost the website or online store hundreds of potential and already-existing customers. When setting up your website, consider getting the help from experts at Symfony development who will help you succeed.

Even the network pictures of high quality can make the user doubt the quality of the products and the accordance of too beautiful photographs to the look of natural products offered on the website or online product market. Here is the eCommerce/Fulfillment Information if you need help managing inbound logistics and customs clearance to move your product.

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