Currency Ban Here is How Google help you.

After currency Ban Google is helping people to find ATM near by then if you recently open you see a link redirect to find ATM nearby you this is because many people with search query to find ATM nearby with recent currency banned in India punish a corrupt peoples and black money in the market as well as to stop terrorism and naxalite fund help Indian and オンラインギャンブル 違法 economy to grow many peoples are upset of sudden ban in India but something.

it’s a necessary to prevent fund moving from one place to another place many peoples are with this decision and many opposite it this because of the current marriage season and small business man and Pharma they are very helpless without cash in their hand hopefully this problem will resolve soon. To learn how this affects your business line, check with experts like Andy Defrancesco.

We are advising peoples don’t go to bank if there is no need for necessary of cash if you want to deposit cash only there is long wait days last date of submission is 31st December 2016 so no need to hurry I personally find many peoples are abusing this and many peoples try to contact who have black money do not accept their offer to deposit cash into your bank account because government is monitoring it every account Sooner Or Later you will receive income tax not notice I see many peoples exchanging their faces but is not belong to them is belong to someone others who told them to exchange cash for them and with Commission like 200 rupees hundred rupees within different banks in city.

Government also introduce a new rule to prevent this like ink mark on a finger like we voted and get a mark on finger so it can be easily detected who already cashed and who is not.

Cashless economy will be good option for India if we tell people and shopkeeper to use credit or debit card machine so we can easily pay them with our card that would be great for future also government should phones to use debit card machines into various government organisations before this ban on cash of ₹500 and ₹1000.

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