Is There a Way to Check for Plagiarism? Try the Search engine report!

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If you are wondering that whether there is a way to check and get rid of plagiarism, then you should know that you are in the right place to collect answers and you should know that in this three-minute article we are going to completely guide you about the use and the features of the top best plagiarism checker tool on the web. According to some reliable reports it has been seen by us that many people avoid plagiarism checking and detection and because of this they suffer great loss in the long term, now the reason that usually people avoid checking is that it comes with a cost that not all can afford plus it is not always a user-friendly procedure.

Now you will be surprised to know about another interesting fact, and that is the availability and the reliability of plagiarism checker tools. According to reports from reliable sources, it has been stated that there are more than a few hundred free and paid software programs for plagiarism checking and detection, but only a couple of tools are reliable and safe to use. Well, as our reader, you don’t have to worry about finding the right tool for yourself. Rather, you just have to keep reading the content below to get the details of the top free tool! So, let us start with the guide about the tool without any delay!

Plagiarism checker by Search Engine Reports!

Many reseller consultants will tell you that the plagiarism checker tool by the search engine reports is not just any simple tool. Rather it is a very well organized and easy to use accurate and reliable tool that can detect any kind of plagiarism in your content. Now unlike other plagiarism tools, the checker by search engine reports is not a tool that can be accused of checking faulty plagiarism, illogical plagiarism in unique content, and this is because this tool uses artificial intelligence and deep analysis mantra to check your content for plagiarism. The tool runs your content with billions of web pages that are available on its databases in their most updated forms.

You guys should know that the plagiarism checker by the search engine reports has one of the largest databases than any other free/paid tool on the web and for this very reason, we want you guys to know that there is almost zero percentage of failure in checking plagiarism with the help of this tool. Actually, when you input the text in the tool, the first step is the division of your content in small sets. These sets contain around four to seven words each, and the tool uses and treats these sets as individual inputs, which are then compared with its database. In this way, even the minute plagiarism is detected!

Steps you need to follow.

Many people are confused with the working of the plagiarism tools on the web, and for this very reason many ignore checking their content with online tools, we will like to assure you that you will not face any kind of issue with search engine reports and even a millennial can check plagiarism even if he has no knowledge about it nor he/she needs any experience.

  1. There are multiple facilities with the tool that can help you input content and check plagiarism, and you just have to go to and see for yourself the different methods that you can use.
  2. When you are in the tool you will see that you can easily add the text manually by typing or pasting it down from the clipboard, you can also check plagiarism incomplete docs and by uploading them from your document drive, Google drive and even from dropbox, another way of uploading content is adding the URL of the content or the website that you need to check for plagiarism.
  3. After choosing the most suitable way for input and going through with it, you just have to click on the “check for plagiarism” button. The tool will take only a few seconds to check your content and get you the results!

Now the tool has many advanced features despite being free, and this is the very reason we recommend you use this tool for sure.

Features of the Plagiarism tool by Search engine reports!

  • The plagiarism checker is free and very much easy to use.
  • The tool allows you to check around 2000-words in one go without the limitation of the method you choose for input.
  • The tool can accept multiple languages in one document and can also check multiple formats of documents.
  • The tool has its own grammar checker feature that can help you fix your work for errors.
  • The tool has the best plagiarism reporting feature that can help you authenticate your document, and you should also know that the report can help you remove and rephrase the content that has plagiarism in it!


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