Safety and Security I Line Dividers 

Safety and security line dividers help to determine or deter entry into different environments. Organizations that experience overwhelming activity use line dividers to control crowds or secure certain areas. Security dividers can be used at bus/train terminals, schools, factories, shop fronts, warehouses, airports, and other high traffic areas. Apart from such tools, work sites that are at risk of accidents like mining and construction sites, a confined space rescue team on standby is highly recommended.

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Security line dividers are available in different options which can be used for indoor and outdoor purposes. Their main elements are ropes and poles. These lightweight line dividers offer convenience, especially when handling massive crowds. They are durable and can be used for different purposes.

Line dividers come in various options. They can be chosen according to the user’s preference and intended purpose. If you’re an athlete or sports enthusiast, Shoppok offers a wide selection of equipment and gear for your favorite activities.

Here are some of the various types of line dividers:

Standard line dividers

Standard line dividers are made with poles and ropes. The traditional types use crowd control posts combined with swag ropes. Some of the post designs available in the market are stylish crown posts, tulip posts, and basic posts. While some posts are designed with sturdy and permanent material, others are made lightweight and easy to transport. Plastic post options are mainly used for outdoor purposes. That is why they are painted in neon colors for visibility and elegance.

Retractable Line Dividers

Retractable line dividers are versatile crowd control systems that can be wall-mounted or attached to poles. These systems can be customized in various materials, styles, and hues. They are meant for companies with low and heavy activity and used indoors and outdoors.

Retractable barriers are made of different ropes and shafts. Some are manufactured light, while others are heavy to carry around. There are also plastic options painted in different colors for outdoor use.

Line dividers can be mounted permanently on the divider with a unique tape. The tapes can be customized with a printed message about your brand. Retractable barriers also come with durable belts that help close off risky regions such as construction sites. They are simple to use, set up, and uninstall.

Retractable Line Dividers for Crowd Control

Retractable line dividers can be mounted on walls for regular use. One barrier can be connected to different mounts to add more versatility.

For safety purposes, retractable line dividers can be mounted with printed caution tapes to help send out a message and keep people out of danger. Large retractable barriers can be used by companies to block off dangerous areas in places with ongoing construction work. These barriers are durable and sturdy and can be used many times since they can withstand harsh outdoor conditions. Construction accidents occur even when a construction worker takes all the proper precautions resulting in the worker suffering a significant injury while on the job. The New York State law ensures both employee health and safety by introducing a lot of regulations in the workplace setting. One of these is the Workers’ Compensation Act, which is purchased by employers from insurance providers, or self-insurance under the law, to protect their employees in case of mishaps at the workplace. In the event of an accident, a work site accident attorney or a personal injury attorney Las Vegas can help file a personal injury lawsuit in addition to the workers’ compensation benefits claim. A personal injury lawyer can help you receive the compensation you rightfully deserve.

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Retractable line dividers can be customized to meet the requirements of the business. There are many styles and colors available to match your furnishings or your brand. You can have them manufactured with elegance to match the purpose.

Bank Line Dividers

Bank line dividers are configured to make the waiting areas comfortable and pleasant to customers. The bank also installs signs and monitors on the top of the bank line to entertain customers as they wait. The customers will read the marketing messages while they wait on the queue for their turn.

Crowd Dividers

Crowd dividers can be implemented to serve a large group of people. When setting up the dividers, you have to understand the emotions of the crowd while waiting in line. Distraction techniquese can be used when laying out your crowd dividers. Multiple lines like those in supermarkets offer faster service to customers.

You can also use zigzag waiting queues, and some entertainment to make their wait comfortable.

Customer Service Line Dividers

Customer service line dividers can be designed to create a pleasant atmosphere for the customers on the queue. You can design stanchions with entertainment to make the customers wait shorter and fun. Improved customer service also helps to quicken the queue and will leave the customers pleased with your services. Through the customer service line dividers, you can improvise a way to inform the customers precisely how long they are going to take on the waiting line.

Teller Line Dividers

Teller line dividers are used in banks, fast food joints, airports, government offices, and theme parks. These institutions design portable, stylish, and versatile teller line dividers. They use monitors and set them on top of the dividers to display marketing messages and entertainment for the customers. This keeps the customers busy while waiting and makes them forget the long queue ahead. Teller line dividers combined with excellent customer care can give your customers a fun and comfortable experience.


Technology has transformed the way businesses operate these days. With electronic queuing becoming popular, companies are using retractable barriers equipped with electronic displays to control the traffic flow. This also helps them to market and advertise their products and brands to customers.

The retractable line dividers have electronic displays that entertain customers as they wait in line.



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