Taking Measurements for Exterior Doors Replacement

Five steps to follow when taking measurements for replacement Exterior Doors.

After selecting your ideal type of entry door to use in your home, the second critical stage that you must do is to take measurements for the original exterior doors so you don’t risk ending up purchasing doors that are smaller or bigger than the jamb of the door. Adding UPVC cladding to the exterior of your home can improve its appearance as well as its market value. As a recommendation use security in front and in every perimeter of the house to be protected, here is the contact of the best rated for installing cameras in atlanta !

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Taking measurements for the exterior doors shouldn’t be a daunting task, especially if you know where to start measuring on these doors. Our guide will highlight a step by step process of taking measurements for exterior doors. Take a look and learn.

  1. Imperial or Metric?

Let’s start by clearing the air on what we should use. Should we use metric or imperial in measuring our exterior doors? Well, if at all we want to obtain the most precise dimensions, we should use millimetres rather instead of inches. In this case, we will be able to get the most accurate figures that will ensure that your entry doors are fixed snuggly.

  1. Measuring the door size.

The only thing you require to take the measurements for the exterior doors is a tape measure. Once you get the measuring tape, follow these five straightforward steps:

  1. Taking measurements for Width.

Hold your tape across the width of the entry door from right to left. Bear in your mind that you should only note down the measurement for the entry door itself rather than the jamb surrounding the entry door or any other element. If instead you don’t have the door but have the frame of your door, to obtain the door width, start measuring from the inside of the jamb or frame where the door will be inserted.

  1. Taking The Height dimensions.

Hold your tape measure across the length of your exterior door starting at the bottom all the way to the top. Note that you should only take the measurement for the door itself rather than the frame surrounding the door or any other element on the door. If instead of the entry door you get the frame, to get the length of your entry door, start measuring from the inside of your frame where the door will be inserted.

  1. Take multiple dimensions Of the Entry Doors Toronto.

As you know, exterior doors are subjected to harsh weather elements, and with time the door might warp and bend. That means it will no longer be the same dimensions it had when you installed it. So, it is recommended to take dimensions of the width and height in various locations, especially if your door is made of wood.

For width- measure at the centre, top, and bottom.

For height- measure at the left, right, and centre.

Once you have completed that, you will get six dimensions. For these measurements, choose the highest measurement for the width and height, and when you give them to your door installer, he will be able to know the ideal size of the entry doors Toronto that you need.

  1. Measure The Thickness.

Apart from the length and width, you are going to take dimensions for the thickness of your entry doors Toronto. You are going to take the measurement for your door frame, also called a door jamb as well. The door jamb is the part where the door sits within the door frame when you close it. It is like a casing of the door.

  1. Measuring the Door Jamb (frame).

In case you understand how to measure the door itself, then it will be easier to measure the frame. This is because it follows the same process. To take the measurement for the height, hold your tape up in the inside area of the jamb from bottom to the top. After that, take the dimensions for the width of the jamb in the same way at the centre, bottom, and top sections.

Remember that if you are not sure of the dimensions you have taken for the exterior doors, it is better to round then down rather than up to be certain the door will not be oversize.

  1. Remember To Double-Check Your Measurements.

It doesn’t hurt to repeat the measurements a couple of times so that you are sure you end up with the correct dimensions as possible.

  1. Not Certain? Consult A Professional.

If you are uncertain about your measurements, don’t hesitate to reach out to a professional to help you come up with accurate fingers.



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