6 Amazing Ways to Decorate Wall behind Sofa

“How do I fill the blank wall space behind my sofa?” This is one of the most questions we often come across.

The wall behind the sofa acts as a major center of attraction in your home. Therefore, keeping it plain and dull is not a good bet. Dead spaces tend to become amass monotony. But fortunately, with some creative solutions mentioned below, you can beat off this dead space monotony.

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Here are the 6 stunning ways to decorate the wall behind the sofa set to transform it into more interesting and captivating.

1. Go 3D

Unconventional and stunning; adorning your wall with 3D artwork adds depth to your room. Animal bust wall décor serves to be a unique choice for this. The sculptures in brightly colored wooden hues strike an impressive contrast with a light tinged wall.

2. Affix One Large Painting

Consider the expansive wall space over your sofa as an opportunity and accessorize it with a large painting. A single piece and you’re all done. It’s that simple. Decorating your wall behind sofa with a single large painting will accord your room a subtle charm. Simple, refined, and polished that’s all you are going to enjoy by sticking to this décor idea. When it comes to choosing a wall art painting, make sure that it only does not leave an impression but also motivates the viewer. You can choose from a collection of stunning motivational wall arts on https://printsuccess.co.

You can also decorate your ceiling with new paint that’ll go well with the painting on the wall. You will need the power ceiling paint for this. There are similar bathroom ceiling paint that will do the job too.

3. Grab attention with wallpaper: 

Let the wall behind your sofa speak volumes by texturing it with wallpaper. Adding wallpaper will create a focal point in your living room. With its distinct texture, it will enhance your room’s visual appeal. Moreover, wallpaper is an art in itself, thereby, it ditches away from the need for framed art pieces.

4Carve out a niche

To add drama to your room carve out spaces on the wall to showcase art pieces, sculptures, and other decor items. Rectangular alcoves painted in contrasting hue acts as excellent display counters. Further with embedded wall lights they intensify the appeal and enable art pieces to stand out distinctly.

5. A Large, Oversized Mirror

Another great idea to enliven up the plain wall over your sofa is by using an oversized mirror. This is an idea worth investing in. The oversized mirror offers you a panoramic view of the surrounding. Apart from this, through illusion, it enables you to experience a tempting environment. For a more glamorous effect embed your wall with multiple small mirrors.

6. Put up a display

Make your wall a canvas to flaunt your art collection. Cover your wall behind sofa with different artworks including- prints, paintings, and photographs. Displaying a collection of framed pictures in varying sizes over the wall may do wonders. Plus, bringing variety in prints of art pieces will make the wall exude finesses in individual pieces. You may also hang indoor plants for a more relaxing vibe in your space, find out the best house plants to grow here.

Wrapping it up…

It is not always necessary to stick to a single idea. You can try for a mix to achieve a more compelling result. So, to make your wall stand out use the aforementioned ideas as inspiration. Invest in some efforts to make the best use of your space and turn it into more inviting.



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