6 Interesting Facts About Human Heart

Do you know this thing about human heart we are sending some basic information about human heart vi. will tell you how your heart work.

interesting fact about human heart

6 interesting fact about human heart

  1. We have seen many people are saying that our heart is on left side not right side but that’s wrong. our heart is not on left or right side of our chest but in the middle its small portion of on left.
  2. Does does your heart beat faster or slower when your crush is near actually did you know that how fast and how slow your heart beats it is recorded that 26 beats per minute is the slowest ever recorded and 480 beats per minute is the fastest heartbeat recorded.
  3. Our heartbeat 100K times a day and about 75 million cells gets blood accept cornea.
  4. Newly born baby have highest heartbeat 72 – 160 beats per minute where is in old age heartbeat becomes lower 32- 40 beats per minute.
  5. In 1853 first time heart surgery was performed. 1950 first time artificial wall set up in heart and in 1967 first time successful heart transplant was performed.
  6. ECG measuring machine was Invented by Willem Einthoven in 1903 it measure electric current in heart.

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