Children making designer masks in boring Lockdown

11 year old Anika Goenka is busy making bright and better masks. As she puts a drop of solution to make the stars stick to the mask, the brightness of her eyes also increases.

Anika is using her free time at home to make masks. Anika’s younger brother also supports her in this work.

Anika says, ‘I like doodling a lot. I was bored doing it on paper. So I decided to do it on these plane masks. I used doodlings, cut-out flowers, metallic brush paint, crystal stones and other decorative items on the mask. The cloth of these masks is safe which belongs to my father’s factory. These masks can be used not only for decorative purposes.

Anika’s father Shantanu Goenka is a well-known fashion designer of sari-lehenga collections. They are also surprised to see this talent of their children. Shantanu says that ‘Lockdown is a difficult time for everyone in the country. All business, factories are closed. In such a situation, keeping children busy in such a fancy project is a big game changer.

Children making designer masks in boring Lockdown

According to Shantanu Goenka, he wants to advise all creative people to do such projects with children and keep them busy. Shantanu told that his daughter Anika came close and said.. ‘Dad, what can’t we make them more interesting? This boring mask you are wearing everyday. Can’t they be made a little fashionable? ‘



Children preparing such designer masks

Not only Anika, but her cousins have also adopted this initiative. They are also engaged in making fancy masks at home. Anika’s cousin and partner in this creative initiative, Pratinav Agarwal, says, “I thought of using this boring lockdown properly. Taking care of security in creativity with the mask. I saw the plain mask. Engrave your favorite character Venam. When looking for activities to do with your children, consider checking this link to buy quad bikes for kids online.

Yashwant Jalan, the youngest member of the house, showed the most confidence. Yashwant said, ‘I have made Dhishoom Corona Mask … This is the message to kill and beat the corona … This is my purpose to make the mask.. Those who wear them also dhoshoom with the corona and the corona Kill.

If you have to go anywhere, it is necessary to wear a mask. Wearing such creative masks instead of wearing plain masks gives a feeling of vivacity. In such a situation, the way shown by these children is safe and deserves praise.



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