Compare Prestige Induction Cooker Review Models

prestige induction cooker compare

Prestige is famous brand on induction cooker they comes with lots of model in various category in their product. It’s may little bit confusing to choose which model should we purchase so I’m writing a brief topic on Prestige Induction Cooker hope it can help you to decide.

Prestige launching latest model and provide some new features like Remote control, Indian Menu Option, LED display and touch also you can choose from different sizes from mini to double the Induction area. There Cooker have higher efficiency than our older ordinary electric cooker a tungsten spring type which consume lots of electricity.

prestige induction cooker compare
Prestige induction cooker v3

Lets Compare Prestige Induction Cooker Version

Version 1

Induction PIC 1.0 Features : Ceramic glass surface,Aerodynamic cooling system,Dual IGBT circuit and dual fans for longer life, Automatic voltage regulator, 3500 watts power, Six month warranty

Induction PIC 1.0 v2 Features : Power Saver Technology, Dual heat sensors

Version 2

This model has bigger in size and double induction.

Induction PDIC 2.0 Key Features : Power Saver Technology, Dual heat sensors, Anti-magnetic wall, Soft touch buttons, Durability, One year warranty – 2900 watts power

Induction PIC 2.0 v2 Key Features : With RF Remote Control, Power Saver Technology, Dual heat sensors, Feather touch Buttons, Anti-magnetic wall, One year warranty – 2000 watts power

Version 3

Induction PIC 3.0 v2 Key Features : Power Saver Technology, Dual heat sensors, Anti Magnetic wall, One year warranty – 2000 watts power

It was in this version that some new features, which should have been included in the antecedent version, were introduced. With the new features, you could also cook your food slow or fast, or as you like it.

Induction PIC 3.0 v3 Key Features : Indian Menu options, Feather touch buttons, Anti Magnetic wall, Automatic Start option, Elegant deisgn, 2000 watts power, One year warranty

Version 6

Induction PIC 6.0 Key Features : Automatic Voltage Regulator, Pause Function, Child Lock Function, Indian Menu, Dual Heat Sensors, Anti-magnetic Wall, Aerodynamic Cooling System, Unique Design to Protect from Insects, One year warranty – 2000 watts power

Induction PIC 6.0 v2 Key Features : Power Saver Technology, Dual heat sensors, Anti Magnetic wall, Aerodynamic Cooling system, Automatic voltage regulator, Pause function, Elegant deisgn, 2000 watts power, One year warranty

They also have other models with these similar features

Premia Schott Ceran Induction PIC 5.0

Induction PIC 7, Induction PIC 8, Induction PIC 9, Induction PIC 10, Induction PIC 11, Induction PIC 12, Induction PIC 14, Induction PIC 15, Induction PIC 16, Induction PIC 17, Induction PIC 19, Induction PIC 20

Please note we write these features from Prestige Induction Cooker website and other source the original product you buy may be difference I’m not responsible for any thing please do research before purchase.

Advantage and Disadvantage

Every technology comes with some advantage and disadvantage some of these model of prestige cooker have higher price than it’s features be sure you buying right product. They made for energy efficient to cook faster but some of your appliance that you can’t use on induction like without flat surface it’s hard to cook into them. But no matter which company product you purchase these Induction are one time investment and save cost than your other methods of cooking.



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