Flipkart Affiliate Shows Message Stopped & Pause Campaigns No Earning Withdrawal

Does Flipkart stopped it’s affiliate service Here is what we know as far as Flipkart and amazon are the largest name in Indian online market place. They have attached with affiliate program and get more and more customers to their website.

Flipkart Affiliate Message Shows

No earning referral fees allocated for March’19. Request to pause your campaigns for this month.
No earning referral fees allocated for February’19
Maximum earnings for January’19 are capped at Rs.1000

Flipkart Affiliate Shows Message Stopped & Pause Campaigns No Earning Withdrawal

Also We saw a message saying

Important ! Due to recent guidelines, we urge you to STOP using the terms Flipkart Exclusive, OnlyonFlipkart for any promotional activity. Instead of these terms, you can use JustHere, FlipkartUnique for promotions through any medium on any channel.

Do They Stopped & Pause Campaigns?

Here is what message receive from them

Dear Affiliate Partner, 
Kindly note that we haven’t allocated any earning referral fees for July’18 to this account hence request to pause your campaigns this month.
Please be informed commissions earned in the month of July’18 is not liable for payment.
Thanks & Regards,
Flipkart Affiliate Team

This might be because of waltmart takeover flipkart, exact meaning of this message and  probably it will be the  wall mart acquisition effect.Most of the Affiliate marketing companies which provides CB(click bank) stop flipkart promotion.
We hope that this is temporarily stopping the account and no major change in flipkart.com policy, even after collaboration with wall mart.

Currently No Earning Withdrawal

We have also heard that flipkart has restricted amount to be pay per month means you have earn, they will put threshold that they will give you 5000 RS. only.

We have to wait and lets whats they decide and inform the users.



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