Pripyat Tours: Top 3 Facts to Bear in Mind

If you’ve never been to Chernobyl before and are currently planning a Pripyat tour, you will be certainly interested to find out the top 3 facts about the place, its history and special measures to make the trip safe.

In the world of today, there are lots of destinations to visit to get the best impressions possible. It’s up to you to pick the place you’ve never been in and book a tour you can afford. However, there is one location every tourist will be excited to travel to and the one that has been in the focus of human attention for over 30 years. The place we are talking about is Chernobyl, which has become tragically known after the explosion at the nuclear power station that has affected the lives of people all over the world.

Exciting and safe Chernobyl tours

Much has been told and shown about the Chernobyl disaster, but there are still lots of questions left without answers. That’s one of the reasons of the increasing popularity of Pripyat tours. If you are one of those tourists, who would like to see the abandoned exclusion zone with your own eyes, you would be interested to find out the top facts about it. This is the surefire way to make your trip exciting, memorable and safe.

Fact #1: Best Time to Go

Chernobyl welcomes tourists any season as there is much to see and visit there. When booking a Pripyat tour, you should initially take into account your own preferences and amount of free time you possess. Winter Chernobyl landscapes will surprise you by their untouched snow-covered routes and wild nature. Spring and summer will let you spend more time exploring the abandoned locations, while foggy and gloomy autumn atmosphere will give the place its unique identity and that well-known Chernobyl-specific mysterious feeling. What exactly do you expect from the trip? It’s only up to you to make the final choice.

Fact #2: Best Places to See

Chernobyl locations abound in spots that are worth tourists’ attention. That’s exactly why, most agencies that organize such tours provide an opportunity to choose between one- and two-day excursions. The more time you have – the more places and objects you will be able to see. Among the most popular spots that are associated with the place, it initially makes sense to enlist the unique radar system called “The Russian Woodpecker”, the town of Pripyat itself, the 30-km exclusion zone, Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station, the Red Forest, the New Safe Confinement erected over a year ago as well as lots of abandoned plants, houses, schools, kindergartens, stores and other objects.

Fact #3: Best Safety Tips 

Safety is, probably, one of those issues that have always been associated with Chernobyl trips. And it’s no wonder, as the pace has suffered a lot from the radioactive contamination and no one can be 100% sure about the safety of tours organized in the location. The best way to feel secure, when visiting the location is to book tours from trusted agencies that bear personal responsibility for their tourists’ health and satisfaction rate.

Among the things you should discuss, the following ones are on the top of the list: clothes and accessories to take along, the plan and route of the excursion, safety measures and radiation control, number of people in a group as well as must-have safety rules to follow. May your journey be memorable and secure!



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