Solved Percentage Practice Questions for SSC and Various Exams these maths question with solution helps you to get pattern information currently not available in Hindi or tricks but you can try them.

Percentage Practice Questions: Understanding the Concept of Percentage

Percent means for every 100 So, when percent is calculated for any value,
it means that we calculate the value for every 100 of the reference value.

  • Percent is denoted by the symbol %. For example, x percent is denoted by
  • x% = x/100, e.g.: 25%=25/100=1/4
  • To express x/y as a percent, we have x/y=(x/y×100)%Example: 1/4=
  • If the price of a commodity increases by R%, the reduction in consumption
    so as not to increase the expenditure = [R/(100+R)×100]%
  • If the price of a commodity decreases by R%, the increase in consumption
    so as not to decrease the expenditure = [R/(100−R)×100]%
  • If the population of a town = P and it increases at the rate of R% per
    annum, then Population after n years = P(1+R/100)n
  • If the population of a town = P and it increases at the rate of R% per
    annum, then Population before n years = P/(1+R/100)n
  • If the present value of a machine = P and it depreciates at the rate of R%
    per annum, Then Value of the machine after n years = P(1−R/100)n
  • If the present value of a machine = P and it depreciates at the rate of R%
    per annum, Then Value of the machine before n years = P/(1−R/100)n

Percentage Practice Questions

  1. A person who spends 200/3% of his income is able to save Rs 1200 per month.
    His monthly expenses ( in Rs) is
    a) 1200 b) 2400 c) 3000 d) 3200
  2. If 80% of A = 50% of B and B = X% of A, then the value of X is:
    a) 400 b) 300 c) 160 d) 150
  3. If x is 80% of y, what percent of x is y?
    a) 75% b) 80% c) 100% d) 125%
  4. In a town, the population was 8000. In one year, the male population increased by 10% and the female population increased by 8% but the total population increased by 9%. The number of males in the town was:
    a) 4000 b) 4500 c) 5000 d) 6000
  5. In an examination, there were 1000 boys and 800 girls. 60% of the boys and 50% of the girls passed. Find the percentage of the candidates failed?
    a) 46.4 b) 48.4 c) 44.4 d) 49.6
  6. If A exceeds B by 40%, B is less than C by 20%, then A: C is:
    a) 28:25
    b) 26:25
    c) 3:2
    d) 3:1
  7. The price of sugar rises by 20%. By how much percentage should the consumption of sugar be reduced so that the expenditure does not change?
    a) 20
    b) 10
    c) 50/3
    d) 15
  8. In an examination, a student who gets 20% of the maximum marks fails by 5 marks. Another student who scores 30% of the maximum marks gets 20 marks more. The necessary percentage required for passing is:
    a) 32%
    b) 23%
    c) 22%
  9. In an examination 60% of the students pass in English, 70% pass in Hindi and 40% pass in both. What percent of students fails in both English and Hindi?
    a) 10
    b) 20
    c) 25
    d) 30
  10. Out of her total income, Neelam spends 20% on house rent and 70% of the rests on household expenditure. If she saves Rs 3600, what is her total income?
    a) Rs 15000
    b) Rs 10500
    c) Rs 10050
    d) Rs 10000
  11. Salary of a person is first increased by 20%, then it is decreased by 20%. Change in the salary is:
    a) 4% decreased
    b) 4% increased
    c) 8% decreased
    d) 20% increased
  12. If 50% of (x-y) = 30% of (x+y), then what percent of x is y?
    a) 25%
    b) 100/3%
    c) 40%
    d) 400%
  13. If the income of Ram is 12.5% more than that of Shyam, the income of Shyam is less than that of Ram by
    a) 100/9%
    b) 27/2%
    c) 175/2%
    d) 88%
  14. In an examination, 70% of the candidates passed in English. 80% passed in Mathematics. 10% failed in both the subjects. If 144 candidates passed in both, the total number of candidates was
    a) 125
    b) 200
    c) 240
    d) 375
  15. 8% of the votes in an election did not cast their votes. In this election, there were only two candidates. The winner by obtaining 48% of the total votes defeated his contestant by 1100 votes. The total number of voters in the election was:
    a) 21000
    b) 23500
    c) 22000
    d) 27500
  16. In an election between two candidates, 75% of the voters cast their votes, out of which 2% votes were declared invalid. A candidate got 9261 votes which were 75% of the valid votes. The total number of voters enrolled in that election was
    a) 16000
    b) 16400
    c) 16800
    d) 18000
  17. A sample of 50 liters of glycerine is found to be adulterated to the extent of 20%. How much pure glycerine should be added to it so as to bring down the percentage of impurity to 5%?
    a) 155 liters
    b) 150 liters
    c) 152 liters
    d) 149 liters
  18. The price of sugar is reduced by 20%. Now a person can buy 500 g more sugar for Rs 36. The original price of the sugar per kilogram was
    a) Rs 14.40
    b) Rs 18
    c) Rs 15.60
    d) Rs 16.50
  19. A man invests a part of Rs 10,000 at 5% and the remainder at 6%. The 5% investment yields annually Rs 76.50 more than the 6% investment. The amount invested at 6% is
    a) Rs 3600
    b) Rs 3550
    c) Rs 3850
    d) Rs 4000
  20. The cost of an apple is twice that of a banana and the cost of a banana is 25% less than that of guava. if the cost of each type of fruit increases by 10%, then the percentage increase in the cost of 4 bananas, 2 apples, and 3 guavas is
    a) 10%
    b) 12%
    c) 16%
    d) 18%

Solved Percentage Practice Questions : Answer key

1(b), 2(c), 3(c), 4(a), 5(c), 6(c), 7(c), 8(c), 9(a), 10(a), 11(a), 12(a), 13(a), 14(c), 15(d), 16(c), 17(b), 18(b), 19(c), 20(a)

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