Using Brite Pic Make Money with your click Photos


Using Brite Pic

Adbrite, has come out with a new awesome feature called Brite Pic , which is a service where in you can make easy money or say monetise your images traffic. There are many websites owners who run wallpapers based website and brite pic is the best solution for them, because it shows ads on the regular images and gives them an income for every click made on the images.



The following image is an live example on how Brite Pic works and how you can monetise every click on your wallpapers/images based website. In short you can also just replace your tag in your html based webpage and add Brite Pic in its place, so the ads are activated instantly.

There is another option in this where in you can monetise the click on the images , Sends the user to this URL if pic is clicked which is available in your brite pic setting. So , now this is another tip for you to make easy money. If you will like to earn easy money online, visit the sdg credit mobile casino singapore. Looking for the right casinos that suit your gambling preferences, check out this slots forum for more info!

How much can I earn?

How much you can earn depends on what the photo depicts. If it’s a huge, unexpected occurrence which will become global news, you stand to make hundreds if not thousands. Likewise a celebrity snap – if you manage to capture someone famous in an embarrassing or unusual situation, there’s potential for you to make serious cash. Nowadays, with slots casino you can quickly hit the jackpot. However, a photo of a Z-list personality walking down the street won’t be anywhere near as valuable. Generally, you stand to make from around £50 to several hundred. Demotix claim to have sold images for up to £5,000, although they take a hefty 50% of the fee as commission.



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