WAY-316606 Hair Loss Drug – Buy Online

This drug originally developed for osteoporosis but doctors and researchers found it works and cure baldness and help to regrow hair loss. WAY-316606 hair loss drug soon available in market.

The scientists found that the drug reduced the activity of a protein called SFRP1, a key growth regulator that affects many tissues including hair follicles.

WAY-316606 Hair Loss Drug - Buy Online

But because of its side effects, CsA was unsuitable as a baldness treatment.

The team went on to look for another agent that targeted SFRP1 and found that WAY-316606 was even better at suppressing the protein.

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Dr Hawkshaw said the treatment could “make a real difference to people who suffer from hair loss”.

Buy Way-316606 Drug Online

You can also purchase this drug online but there no clear instruction how and where to use this, You can only find with chemical formula.

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