Donald Trump is a US President but there are many images of him to prove him as a funny president Here are some g i f images which are just for laugh nothing else they are just computer graphic images so just enjoy and don’t be serious.

  1. When Donald Trump Gets Thunder

Donald Trump Gets electricuted

2. The Funny Dance

The Donald

3. Hand Shake By Trump

Donald Trump Hand Shake

4. We have a Plan in File

Donald Trump Plan

5. Ice Bucket Challenge

Trump Ice Bucket Challenge

6. Let’s Meet again

Trump Lets meet up7. We sure do something

something planing

8. CNN trump hits

President Donald Trump Tweeted Tackling Wrestling Beating up "CNN" video.

9. Donald Trump Dodge a Bald Eagle

Donald Trump Dodge a Bald Eagle

10. Melania Trump swatting Donald’s hand away

Melania Trump swatting Donald's hand away

Hope you enjoyed our list of 10 Donald Trump GIF Images Most Famous Moments and Funny action don’t forget to share and subscribe with us.

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