Diving into Deepest Pool in Single Breath Guillaume Nery

Guillaume Nery diving into a deepest hole in the world with a single breath he break many records he goes 40 Meter deep pool near Venice Italy.


There is amazing fact about this the film made of diving is without any Scuba equipment Nery’s wife. 35 year old nari is from nice France they said he undertook challenge because of his love for venue.

Guillaume Nery
Guillaume Nery (Image: Caters News Agency)

Water is so clear its look like a science fiction and you are like flying in too deep water said by Nery.

(Image: Caters News Agency)

Previously he also break the record on surface 126 metres below in single breath. while undertaking such incredible fact free diver never lives alone This is caution and advise.

(Image: Caters News Agency)

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