7 Fruits Not Good For Pregnant Women to Eat

While the consumption of d-mannose is undoubtedly good, especially for pregnant women as it helps cleans the bowl and fight urinary tract infection using natural ingredients, the consumption fruits is a big NO. Fruits can be harmful to pregnant woman, and the following are some fruits you must avoid at all cost.

Fruits Pregnant Lady Should Not Eat



Women should avoid eating grapes especially in the last trimester due to their heat content and sugar.

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Avoid eating unripe papaya. Papaya that is unripe contains a latex substance that may cause contractions of the uterus. Papaya or papaya enzymes are sometimes recommended for soothing indigestion, which is common during pregnancy.


7 Fruits Not Good For Pregnant Women to Eat

pineapple should be restricted during the first trimester to avoid any unforeseen event such as softening of the cervix.


7 Fruits Not Good For Pregnant Women to Eat

Peach contains the plentiful content of Fe. Moreover, it is also rich in protein, sugar, zinc, pectin. However, peach is a kind of fruit that has hot feature. If pregnant women eat this fruit, they will have the risk of bleeding.


7 Fruits Not Good For Pregnant Women to Eat

Pregnant women shouldn’t overuse this kind of fruit because plum has hot feature. If pregnant women eat a lot, it will make their body hot and as a result, they can easily break out in the rash, have spot.


7 Fruits Not Good For Pregnant Women to Eat

It is ill-advised during the last trimester. Mango is high in sugar, and this may lead to an induced state of diabetes. high sugar will cause your baby to grow rapidly and make normal delivery difficult.


7 Fruits Not Good For Pregnant Women to Eat

Some kinds of guava have a lot of water, less sweet, sour and cool; however, if pregnant women eat without eliminate its peel, they can have “side effect”: constipation and heating element.

Also avoid fast food

While pregnancy make sure to avoid fast food that contain too much of oil, salt, spicy any thing that is harmful for you because it may increase your fat level.

There are lots of other food and vegetables you can eat but remember access of everything is not good for your health specially if you have miscarriage pregnancy or first baby.If you want to learn more about miscarriages visit CheckPregnancy.com.

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