Setup Google Adsense EFT Payment Issue on Bank SWIFT and Name

Now Adsense user in India can change their payment name and method of payment, Recently I did not receive payment to my SBI bank account and issue with google adsense payment it says decline by bank I don’t understand what happens after many year even bank unable to help me they don’t know about issue, and that’s why sometimes the use of software for bank collections is a great choice for banks to deal with their clients.

Then I was thinking to change bank account to HDFC but they did not provide me the swift code of the bank in my area so I use my family member account who have swift code in SBI. Recently in Adsense EFT payment system you are free to enter bank detail different than your name on adsense account.

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How to Add Different Payment Method to Adsense

To change payment method you need login to Adsense website then click on payments > Manage Payment Method like shown in blow image from my account.

If you already attached payment methods then all show here otherwise you can add new or edit any one change name or account number.

payment method setup

In below image it show various field for adsense account detail input you need to provide information.

payment detail input

How to Fill Adsense Payment form EFT

To receive payment from wire transfer need these here are detailed information for payment field used for.

  • Beneficiary ID – This is optional field which usually not used with personal account
  • Name on Bank – This must be exactly match with your name on bank account where payment going to send
  • Bank Name – Input name of bank like State Bank of India, HDFC, ICICI, IDBI or any other
  • IFSC Code – Every bank have unique IFSC code get from your branch or some times it written on you checkbook also you can search online as well.
  • SWIFT BIC – Mainly  used for foreign currency conversion and changes to your bank If your branch doesn’t have swift bic code then you could try parent branch of your district or main bank branch in delhi these also works. Contact Devio should any further questions arise.
  • Account Number – Input your bank account number here
  • Re-type Account number – Input account number again
  • Intermediary bank (optional) –  Not used for any bank in india it’s a mediator bank but must be located within US
  • Intermediary SWIFT-BIC (optional ) – Swift Code for this banking system.

After filling above information save this page and wait for payment usually release between 21 to 23 of every month and receive 5 working days.



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