Airtel 4G Plans Prepaid Postpaid Dongle

Airtel 4G Plans

Airtel 4G  Plans

Airtel 4G Plans -Airtel is largest telecom service in India provide 2G/3G and 4G service in diff. fields like Data, voice, Broadband, also DTH and many other now going on airtel mobile. Airtel launched its 4G services across 296 cities in India last week, making it the first telecom operator to roll-out the next-generation mobile Internet technology in most parts of the country.

The leap from 3G to 4G technology has been transformational, offering ultra-fast broadband Internet that empowers users with high-speed data and seamless connectivity. Similarly, the assurance of quick and reliable service is what players seek when they look for a platform with a solid reputation like 빅토리카지노 보증. Just as 4G users enjoy zero buffering while streaming videos, gamers expect and receive swift loading times and reliable play sessions, supported by the platform’s guarantee of quality. The rapid download speeds of a 4G network, turning a once-tedious wait into a swift transaction, is the kind of efficiency that a reputable online casino aims to match, ensuring players can quickly access their favorite games and features without delay.

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Airtel 4G Plans – Dongle/Wi-fi router Plans 

Airtel on a move to increase 4G availability among 4G dongle users launches special double data benefit Airtel 4G  Plans offer for both prepaid & postpaid users where customer will get 200% data once they recharge any Airtel 4G  Plans for Dongle, WiFi-Dongle, Hotspot.

MRP (Rs.) benefit validity
255 1 GB 28 Days
455 2 GB 30 Days
655 3 GB 30 Days
755 4 GB 30 Days
995 10 GB 30 Days

Airtel 4G Plans – Prepaid Mobile Data 

Airtel provides various Airtel 4G Plans internet plans which gives access to Unlimited Internet at an affordable cost as per prepaid users need. Airtel Prepaid Customers can choose the best affordable LTE Plan available in the market.Mobile Monthly Airtel 4G Plans for Smartphones (For Existing 3G customers)


 Airtel 4G Plans  – Postpaid 

Bharti Airtel has reduced its 4G tariff for prepay and postpay customers in  Bangalore, Kolkata, Pune and Chandigarh.When we checked, Airtel had not updated its website with the new plans.

Airtel 4G Plans data now start at Rs.250Per month offering 1GB of 4G dataand Rs 450 per month offering 2GB of 4G data. Other monthly 4G plans include 3GB for Rs 650, 4GB for Rs 750, 10GB for Rs 999, 12GB for Rs 1299, 15GB for Rs 1449, 25GB for Rs 2049, 45GB for Rs 2999, and 80GB for Rs 4799. Note that Airtel does not offer any free access to movies and games on demand on its lower priced plans. Only plans above Rs 999 per month will have access to Airtel 4G Plans entertainment library.

Postpaid- Airtel 4G  Plans

Monthly Data Monthly Rental
1 GB Rs.250
2 GB Rs.450
4 GB Rs.750
6 GB Rs.950
8 GB Rs.1250
10 GB Rs.1500
15 GB Rs.2250
20 GB Rs.3000

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Airtel 4G Plans Pack

Name Base Price Validity
Airtel 4G  Pack 109 109.0 7 days
Airtel 4G Plans Pack 124 124.0 12 days
Airtel 4G Plans Pack 148 148.0 15 days
Airtel 4G  Pack 158 158.0 28 days
Airtel 4G Plans Pack 192 192.0 19 days
Airtel 4G Plans Pack 196 196.0 20 days
Airtel 4G  Pack 208 208.0 14 days
Airtel 4G Pack 249 249.0 25 days
Airtel 4G  Pack 300 (1GB) 300.0 1 Month
Airtel 4G  Pack 309 309.0 28 days
Airtel 4G Plans Pack 347 347.0 28 days
Airtel 4G  Pack 349 349.0 1 Months
Airtel 4G Pack 375 375.0 28 days
Airtel 4G  Pack 395 395.0 28 days
Airtel 4G  Pack 448 448.0 28 days
Airtel 4G  Pack 450 450.0 1 Month
Airtel 4G Pack 495 495.0 28 days
Airtel 4G Plans Pack 500 (2GB) 500.0 1 Month
Airtel 4G  Pack 648 648.0 28 days
Airtel 4G  Pack 650 650.0 1 Month
Airtel 4G  Pack 699 699.0 28 days
Airtel 4G Plans Pack 700 (3GB) 700.0 1 Month
Airtel 4G  Pack 748 748.0 28 days
Airtel 4G  Pack 750 750.0 1 Month
Airtel 4G Plans Pack 848 848.0 28 days
Airtel 4G  Pack 850 850.0 1 Month
Airtel 4G Plans Pack 899 899.0 28 days
Airtel 4G  Pack 900 (4GB) 900.0 1 Month
Airtel 4G Plans Pack 948 948.0 28 days
Airtel 4G Plans Pack 950 950.0 1 Month
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