RRB NTPC 7 April Question Paper 1st 2nd 3rd Shift

RRB NTPC 7th April 2016-1st Shift Question Paper

RRB NTPC currently taking exams in three shifts they are morning, afternoon and evening (1st 2nd and 3rd) because of having to much rush. These shift question paper might be resolved but can’t say because RRB took exam online and we don’t have paper.

I have bring some of question paper questions for you these are collected from student and online search this may not be exactly 100% percent same but you can use them as a reference. Implement circuit traces on your business for faster results and growth.

RRB NTPC 7th April 2016-1st Shift Question Paper

1st Morning Shift Question Paper G.K and Mix

  1. Which is fastest memory?
    A: Cache
  2. Zinc is present in ______. ( some compounds are given)
  3. A brief history of seven killings was written by ______.
    A: Marlon James
  4. Who is the writer of sustainable development?
  5. Yogesh dutt is related to ______ field?
    A: Wrestling
  6. Author of “A Brief History of Seven Killings”?
    A. Marlon James
  7. Mountain Railways of India?
    A. Kashmir Railway
  8. East india company is also called as?
  9. Who written Natya Shastra?
    A. Bharatha.
  10. SAADMEX 2015 held at?
  11. SMAP satellite launched by?
    A. NASA.
  12. GSLV stands for?
    A. Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle
  13. To the brink and back book writer name?
    A. Jairam Ramesh.
  14. NASA was established year?
    A. July 29, 1958.
  15. Measuring ozone layer thickness measurement unit?
    A. dobson.
  16. Who is present BCCI president?
    A. Shashank Manohar.
  17. What is lalith kala academy?
    A. The Lalit Kala Akademi or National Academy of Art is India’s national academy of fine arts. To encourage and promote study and research in the fields of creative arts such as painting, sculpture and graphics.
  18. Malaria disease caused by?
    A. Female anopheles mosquitoes.
  19. Ozone hole clearly visible at antarctic in which season?
    A. Summer season.
  20. Evergreen forests are found in which regions?
    A. Equatorial regions.
  21. WHO( World health organisation) was established in the year?
    A. 1948.
  22. Land of the morning Clam refers to?
    A. Korea.
  23. Which acid used in Car battery?
    A. Sulphuric Acid.
  24. Father of White Revolution in India?
    A. V. Kurien.


2nd Afternoon Shift Question Paper

  1. Bacterial disease -syphilis
  2. Latest green non toxic aerosol -waste paper
  3. East india established n 1600
  4. Davis cup itf rankings 2015- great britain
  5. Azad hind faug established – 1942
  6. Chola king conquered maldives – raja raja
  7. Sharavthi hydro power plant – karnataka
  8. .inf – for installation of software
  9. PCB- printed circuit board
  10. Man spent 340 days in space – scott kelly
  11. Prime minister during 1975 bangladesh independence – rahman
  12. Fundamental rights from articles – 14-35
  13. Normal blood bleeding n clotting time ?
  14. Dhamek stupa in – sarnath
  15. Odd one out – cricket, baseball, hockey, kabaddi
  16. Colour of security certificate for url – green
  17. Security general again re elected in 2011- ban ki moon
  18. Vaccum toilets in trains- evacuates its discharge into biodigestor tank
  19. Who won asia cup held in bangladesh recently – india
  20. What is the national motto of India?
  21. National human right chairperson of India?
    A- HL Dattu
  22. Asia cup 2015 winner? ( Cricket)
    A. India.
  23. who was elected as second time chief of UN in 2011?
    A. Ban ki moon.
  24. Who is the chairman of Bank Board Bureau?
    A. Vinod Rai.
  25. PCB stands for?
    A. Printed circuit board.
  26. Who was Prime Minister of Bangladesh in 1971?
    A. Tajuddin Ahmad.
  27. Brand ambassador of TATA motors?
    A. Lionel Messi.
  28. When East India company came to India?
    A. 1600.
  29. Azad hind Fauz formation year?
    A. 1943.
  30. Netware belongs to which country?
    A. India.
  31. Fundamental rights from which articles?
  32. Od one out – cricket, baseball, hockey, kabaddi?
    A. Kabaddi
  33. Dhamek stupa located at?
  34. Name the man who spent 340 days in space?
  35. In the following, what is bacterial disease?
  36. .inf stands for?
  37. Who is prime minister during 1975 bangladesh independence?

3rd Shift Evening Question Paper RRB NTPC

  1. U-17 football world cup Venue?
    A. India
  2. what is Chicken pox vaccine name?
    A. Varicella
  3. Shape of orbits of Plant?
    A. Elliptical
  4. What is  95th constitution Amendment ?
    A. To extend the period of reservation to 2020.
  5. World population day?
    A.July 11th.
  6. Where was Golf invented?
  7. Ellora caves constructed in which century?
    A. between 6th and 10th century
  8. What is purpose of my stamp launched in Mumbai post office?
    A. personalized sheets of postage stamp
  9. Polio vaccine invented by?
    A. Albert sabin.
  10. Mount kilimanjaro situated at which country?
    A. Tanzania.
  11. Hirakud dam located on which river?
    A. Mahanadi.
  12. Hridaynath mangeshkar award 2015 winner?
    A. AR Rehman.
  13. World health day?
    A. 7th April
  14. Which amendment gives the 27% reservation to SC’s & ST’s ?
  15. Which medicine or injection is used for dental clinic?
  16. what is the name of  Subhash chandra Bose military?
  17. Mohammad ghazni was first defeated by which Indian king?
  18. Kilimanjaro is located in which country?
    A. Tanzania
  19. Light emitting diodes produce which type of waves?
  20. what invented by Edward Jenner?
    A. vaccine for smallpox


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